The Road to Recovery


This is my skin now. The webcam is like 0.5megapixel but if it were more HD you would be able to see several scars and spots leftover from a breakout I had two months ago.

Despite the scars I’m very happy about the state it is in now.

Currently I am accumulating the courage to make a post on my sudden acne, and my road to beauty (lolol)! I think the courage bar is 80% full now. =)

Hopefully when I share with you my experience, maybe you will take something from it and hasten your own journey to recovery if you’re suffering from acne/breakouts too! =)

The Moat

Hi everyone!

Haven’t updated my blog in eons (because of several reasons… maybe I’ll make a post on them soon)!

Last night I went to watch Kath & Kimderella with Shin Ern, and we had dinner at The Moat.

Hot Chocolate $4.50

Potted prawns with butter, shaved fennel, lemon zest and spices $15

Moondarra Wagyu bresaola, goat cheese custard, beetroot cured watermelon and olive dust $21

Braised lamb, roasted garlic labna, quinoa salad & flat bread $30

Hahaha this is how Shin folded hers! I couldn’t stop laughing! Got me laughing even harder when as I took this picture, the juice from the lamb went dripping out on one side (can you spot it?)!

Valrhona chocolate and Earl Grey tea tart with lemon curd shot $14

This. Was. Heavenly. The food of Gods! Quote Shin: “I could die and go to heaven happy now”
The chocolate tart was sooooo smooth. So creamy… so DENSE. The consistency went great with the lemon curd, also *very* smooth and creamy. Salivating just thinking about this dessert now… If you’re thinking of going to The Moat, I highly recommend this! Best dessert I’ve ever had. Infinitely better than the Mango Cheesecake I had at Tai Pan (and that was already SUPER yums)!

The waiter was so friendly he offered to take a photo of us! 

And another one! Quote waiter: “I’m going to try take an artsy photo of you two!”



One thing that really stood out at The Moat was their service. It was e x c e l l e n t. The waiters and waitresses that popped down our food at the table presented the dish by saying what it was and how you eat it (this was done for the braised lamb)! They were SO friendly and relaxed.

I dropped the lid for my camera towards the end, and as I got up to look for it, the waitress was asking if I was missing anything and if I needed help. She began looking along with me but to no avail, the search was a fail! Even the patrons of The Moat were so helpful! The man by the table behind us who just arrived was looking for it on the ground too. I was so surprised!! On leaving, they asked me to leave my name and number with them, and when they do find it they’ll give me a ring – which they later did and I went back to thank them, and collect the lid of course!

Very professional staff. Their training must have been so thorough O.O

Oh and I HAVE to rave about the braised lamb! It was DIVINE! It was superbly tender. I prodded it with my fork and it felt like….. softer than marshmallows haha. It was also our first time trying quinoa salad. Lesson of the night, taught by the waitress: it’s pronounced kwin-wa! She first thought it was pronounced kwin-oh-ah, like we first did, but after joining The Moat she stood corrected. The salad was very nice! But because I have never had any before I didn’t know what to expect, and I also have nothing to compare it to. The garlic labna just went so perfectly with EVERYTHING! I just… I just can’t. How do they do it? Somebody tell me!

The potted prawns were very tasty. Very interesting – as was the cured watermelon and wagyu! Everything was soo delicious! EVERYTHING!

They’re currently hiring at the moment… maybe I should apply (then I get to maybe learn all of their secrets :P).

Total came to around $98 for 4 dishes and 1 drink. Expensive, yes. But I would definitely return (occasionally, of course) because their food was amazing, as was their service and interior designing + decor :). A very cosy atmosphere and its a place where you lose sense of time haha.

Here are their details, taken from their website:

We’re open and keen to welcome you from 9am ’til late from Monday to Friday, and 12pm ’til late on Saturdays.





PHONE: 03 9094 7820


Turning 19


Today feels no different to any other. I spent it like I usually would have any other day – derping on the couch watching TV (30 Rock OH YEAH!) with le cousin. I originally wanted to go to the Secret Recipe branch that just opened in Victoria Gardens, but weather was a let down. It has been pissing rain the whole day. Started around 12.30pm and it’s still going!

iPod hijacked… That is my give-it-back-face. Lol

Despite not doing anything ‘special’ or out of the ordinary, it was a nice day! Received a couple of birthday texts and many of them made me smile. Including this one from my dad who… sigh I don’t even know… just have a read T_T

Started getting on the topic of travelling since my end of year holidays is going to be spent in Malaysia for majority of the time while the rest will be spent in Guangzhou!!! It will be my first time setting foot in China! It’s exciting, but I can’t help but grimace at the loudness and pollution that awaits… AND THE WEIGHT I’LL PUT ON. Oh I’m getting off topic, but basically I started talking about food (that seems to be all I ever talk about).

Was your day as uneventful as mine? 🙂


I’m allowed to be a little narcissistic once in a while, aren’t I? It’s only healthy.

Hope everybody is having a good week.

Macarons for thought

Situated on Hardware Lane is a little macaron store called La Belle Miette. I was just wandering around on my break and came across this shop. The place is really pretty, cute, and everything girly – I’m a sucker for anything that looks good so of course, I went in and bought myself a treat (or 6…) to make my day better!

Top to bottom: salted caramel, raspberry chocolate, raspberry, rose, lemon and violet & blueberry

They are $2.50 each and the box is $3. You’re welcome to bring the box back for refills so you don’t have to keep buying another one! I think the boxes came in pink, black, blue and white and a lot more. I chose pink because I didn’t know what other colours there were until I really looked around -_- otherwise I would have gotten black!

My favourites have got to be rose and violet & blueberry!! I quite liked the salted caramel too. The other’s were honestly quite nice but they’re not so much to my taste – many of these come down to personal preference lol.

All of La Belle Miette’s macarons are gluten-free (except their hazelnut ones)


30 Hardware Lane Melbourne 3000 

Monday to Thursday 10am – 6pm
Friday 10am – 9pm
Saturday 10am – 5pm
Sunday 11am – 4pm

432 Church Street Richmond 3121

Tuesday to Friday 12pm–6pm
Saturday 11am–3:30pm.

Tel: 03 9024 4528


Have fun putting on the pounds. 


Appreciating my culture

Had some yumcha today morning/afternoon for brunch @ Tai Pan in Doncaster with my aunties and cousin.

My FAVOURITE place to eat, EVER.  Keep notice of (what was) the nice, clean table cloth slowly becoming stained lol.

My #1 MUST to have at any yumcha session. Siew mais are my all time LOVE!!

Cutest dish I saw prepared lol. Outside is some sort of starchy-jelly thing coated in coconut, and the white bit I believe is either mochi or tapioca (or both?!). The yellow filling is actually green bean paste but just yellow. Quite yums!














Ok I know it looks unseemly and not up to my “HOLY FUCK” status, but… HOLY FUCK!!!!!!! I now know the true meaning of ‘Do not judge a book by its cover”!!!! It was so smooth and creamy and dense BUT SO SMOOTH and SO CREAMY and perfectly sweet (not too sweet) and the pineapple bits go SO MOTHERFUCKING WELL with it I was practically drowning the other yumcha goers around us in my pool of saliva LOL.

I was supposed to share it with my cousin but THANK GOD SHE WAS TOO FULL! I’m so thankful to have a whole slice of mango cheesecake to myself! Actually initially I cut the slice in half so each of us would get equal amounts but then she was like, ‘I can’t eat any more! No, don’t take away! I already have my desserts (some red bean ball thing)!’ so I was all, you know…


I have established that I have the biggest appetite among all my friends AND family. I was really upset when they were already getting full, and I was sitting there thinking, “WHAT? This can’t be it! I’m not even getting full yet!!!!!!” T___T

I could have had literally twice as much as I did.

I told them that the mango cheesecake alone could be the reason why I would return (real) soon! I’m salivating just typing about this.

Oh apparently it’s low-fat too LOLOLOL. One of the managers (I assume) was walking around handing it out to tables and he introduced it like this: “Mango cheesecake? Very nice. Low fat!” And I was going WTF REALLY? I’LL HAVE ONE. not that I care about whether it’s low fat or not – I have Maccas at least 3x a week – but it looked so damn gorgeous I couldn’t say no. And I’m a sucker for mangoes. The cheesecake is made by a staff member who was previously employed by some hotel and was their patisserie chef!!!! CONFIRM NICE, I TELL YOU ALL!!!!!!!

Only one photo of myself today! I wasn’t wearing any foundation so my skin was obviously not at it’s best (pimples, redness, scars, the list goes on…). But oh well, just apply a filter to the picture and voila! Skin improvement x50.

Hope all of you are having a great day/week!

For your amusement

I just had a long text conversation with Ash and this was too awkward to leave it in Twitter (once again, my link is here!), so I decided to post a screenshot of it onto my WordPress.

I am just grateful it was a typo

Shing’s 18th

Shin poop!

Shing, Ash, your mum

With my two Malaysian bebz!!!

This is Lakshani.

OMG quite funny actually, since my iPod Touch’s camera is like as shit quality as a China made pair of scissors, it was quite hard to capture her on cam LOLOL. The photo above was taken in the bathroom with super bright lighting. Let me show you what I mean… here are a series of pictures taken one after another, at different areas of the house.


Ok enough lolol there are 3-4 more but I shall spare you all!

Shing making his speech! CUTE! (hey look, you can see Lakshani here!!!)

Them two getting into a heated debate on who was more feminine. Jason won. (kidding)

My gross looking knotty hair which at that moment looked like synthetic extensions. I thought it fit the rocker image quite well!

So if you ever need me to scare your kids straight, call me at 1300 RAPE ME. That’s 1300 727 363.

*Correct me if I’m wrong – I don’t have a proper keypad! I have a qwerty keyboard.

Beauty and the Beast 😉
HAHAH wtf that was totally shameless.

The photos I edited on Meituxuxu or however you spell it, came out in different sizes :(. Also edited on Pixlr. Got lazy halfway hence the half-big half-average sized pictures!

Ok got very funny story to share!!!

So today I was in Melbourne Central after lunch and I remembered I needed to top up my Myki. After I did that and proceeded to the escalators in front of Coles, I felt a tap on my left arm and I was wondering to myself if I just imagined it or if someone was that oblivious to it’s surroundings that it bumped into me. To confirm this I turned around and to my amusement there wasn’t just ‘someone’ there – it was some totally awkward, short, curly haired man in his mid-late twenties. Why I find this amusing is because after I turned around, he just STARED. Literally. When I say literally, I am not exaggerating. So then I thought, “OH THIS BITCH WANNA HAVE A STARING COMPETITION, HUH? DIZ BITCH GOT IT (yes I turn into Nicki Minaj when I feel challenged). TWO CAN PLAY THIS GAME.”

So I proceeded to stare back.

Actually, to clarify, this ‘staring only went on for about 5 seconds lolol BUT 5 SECONDS OF STARING AT A STRANGER IS SERIOUSLY LONG OK. Try staring at nothing for 5 seconds and pretending you are in the middle of a busy location. Good?? Good.

After these awkward 5 seconds… omg I cannot even comprehend this high level of lameness… it is off the scale. He asked, “have I met you before?” DAFUQ.

1) If you have met me before I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t ask that question. You would probably be asking “weren’t you at X’s last week” or something more REFINED than “have I met you before/have I seen you somewhere else before”. Please, that line is so 2005.

2) Omg, not trying to be a snob or anything but you were by yourself and wearing a big black coat, lurking around at the train station *attempting to* pick up chicks…

Here’s the conversation.
Myself, him.

“Have I met you before?”
“Oh. My name’s Abraham. Thought you were you know, pretty cute, so I just came to say Hi. What’s yours?”
“…Cool… it’s Li Ean.”
“Where are you going now?”
“About to head home.”
“Oh. I’m from Kuwait.”
“I’ve heard of that place, but I don’t exactly know where it is…”
“It’s a small but very rich country, we have lots of oil”
“……. Cool. Middle East?”
“Somewhere there. So what were you up to today?”
“Just chilling, had lunch. What about you? Waiting around in train stations trying to pick up chicks?”

“How many have you talked to today?”
“Well I don’t really keep count…”
“Oh? How’s your luck going?”
“I date lots of girls” WTF DIDN’T ANSWER MY QUESTION
“….at one time??”

“Well yeah, you gotta have back ups you know. What if it doesn’t work out between you and one of them, at least you have someone else to fall back on.”

At this point I was like WTF SCUMBAG STRANGER. Then I said, “welllll I better be off now!”

“What’s your number?”
“….How about you give me your number and I’ll text you?” (Never happened)
“Naww, girls who do that never reply.”
“We’ll see”
*gives phone number*
“Ok well see you round!”
“Do you have Facebook?”
“What is it?”
“If you find it, then you’ve got it.”

*runs away*
I told this to GK and she was all, “WTF WHY YOU CONVERSE WITH HIM”
Then I told her because I knew where it was heading but I wasn’t gonna give him anything, and I just wanted to waste his time.


Some of you may know, if you follow me on Twitter (link: here), that I recently scored a neat casual/part time job at the cinemas. I started working there around mid-March and a big up of working there is that the staff get a generous discount on movie tickets but are limited to only two tix per day, of which one has to be for the staff member.

I usually invite my friends out to watch movies with me because this time we won’t be paying $15.50 – $17.50 for a general admission ticket so they’re happy, I’m happy, we’re all happy! It makes me feel good that I can treat them to something like this now and then. I’m not good at showing any appreciation to anyone and even saying a simple “thank you” and meaning it is VERY rare. I mean like if you let me borrow your pen/pencil when I’m desperate for it and I say “thanks” then of course la I’m grateful. But its those “thank you”s that actually display your affection and serious appreciation for somebody that hardly ever gets past my lips. It isn’t like I’m not thankful… Its just not my thing. SO, I belanja lunch/dinner/movies to show my gratitude instead lolol.

I’D BE THE WORST PARENT EVER WTF. Never say “I love you” to my child and just keep buying them goodies T_T

All these people aren’t aware that that’s how I show my thanks since shouting people food now and then is the social norm. But not for me. I don’t see a point in buying anything for someone who I’m not close with. I feel like… This is such a poor way to put this, but this is how I ‘reward’ my friends for putting up with me and making me laugh! Like I said, not the best way to put it but it does get the message across, right? I just did some thinking as I’m typing this and realised I’ve never spoken about something like this to anyone. Anyway the element of this post is APPRECIATION. And being polite lol.

A few days ago I got a text around evening/late afternoon that said “I wanna watch a movie I don’t have any homework tonight!!! let’s go.” Omg so many things…

*ignore the stoner red bits in the eyes.

1) You want to watch a movie, but have you asked yourself if maybe I wanted to watch a movie too (which I did, but that’s not the point)?
2) You don’t have any homework, but have you considered the fact that I may be busy doing something like an assignment on that very night?
3) NO “hi”???? No “how’s it going”??? Fucking courtesy please. If you’re gonna ask for something like that at least make some uninteresting conversation going and THEN lead up to the question. I may have responded just the same, but it would mean I won’t get so worked up and flabbergasted at your plain crudity. There wasn’t even a fucking mention of the word “PLEASE”.

Because of this, I just replied with a big fat “NO” and an “I’m tired”.

The person who I received the text from is actually quite close to me, but I kind of detest it when people think that its fine to speak like that even when we are  both super close to each other. I just CAN’T. It’s all the little things bundled up together that really get me annoyed at them! I don’t care how close or sisterly we are, you CANNOT just DEMAND for something without thinking of the other first. It’s fucking common sense right?? I mean if you demand me to get you a fork/spoon while I’m in the kitchen then ok, it is convenient for me since I am there and am going in your direction. But THIS… wtf.

I am a nice person. I KNOW I am a nice person. Maybe if you first meet me you may think I am snobby or unfriendly (as told to me by many of my friends/ex-close friends/friends), but that’s not the case. People mistake my shyness for bitchyness. I just don’t know how to act in front of people I don’t know. I don’t know what to say or talk about. Therefore I am initially very quiet, but once  I get to know you I become more talkative, friendly, yadda yadda. I come out of my shell. Its when you start taking my generosity for granted that I get mad. I may not show that I’m angry or say that I’m pissed off, but when you start asking for things and favours again then I will fucking decline instantaneously. NO SECOND THOUGHT. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ASK IN A FUCKING RUDE MANNER.

You know what else is rude? When I have lent to you my clothes for your parties and whatnot and soon enough you don’t even bother asking. You just barge into my room and open my wardrobe, always going “WHAT IS THERE TO WEAR TOMORROW FOR X+Y’s PARTY??”… generally it’s something along those lines. I mean you do ask at the very end if you can borrow the stuff you’ve so carefully selected, but wouldn’t it be MUCH nicer if you came into my room and asked for permission whether you can go through my closet to find something to wear to your event? It’s fucking RESPECT. IT IS FUCKING BASIC COURTESY. I don’t go into your room and rummage through your clothes EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT HERE, because I think of how particular you are with your clothes and decide that maybe you wouldn’t like it if I’d had done that.

I’M THE FUCKING SAME AS YOU – I like my clothing kept nice, clean, perfect! Just because I am messy (or more like my room is) DOES NOT mean I am open to you messing about my wardrobe AND LEAVING IT IN THAT STATE after you’re done with it.

I cannot be bothered typing anymore fml. Moral of the story:

1) RESPECT OTHERS, NO MATTER WHAT. Be it property, situation, whatever. Unless it’s like “I wanna kill my parents they won’t buy me an iPad3 omg fucking hate them”. Then lol. Do watchu want.



4) Never take the good for granted. Count your fucking blessings.

I have two (low quality) photos to share!

Say hi to Lucky! She is a 16.5 year old kelpie.

My first and last duck face photo.

Until next time!

Via Verona

I know I have no readers but I’m going to say ‘Hi everyone!’ anyway wtf

Hi everyone! *insert foreveralone.jpg here*



Two weeks ago I went out for lunch at Via Verona @ Kew and to watch a movie. I think we saw 21 Jump Street that day and IT WAS THE FUNNIEST SHIT EVER. Best part was when they were in the toilet cubicle together and the janitor was like DAFUQ hahahha, I never laughed so much in the cinemas before!

Oh wait no sorry I apologise for my pathetic memory ;'( we went to watch The Lucky One! It was OKAY… I wouldn’t have watched it if it weren’t for Zac Efron. Still a cute film though. Anyway, onto the photos.

I had an Organic Beef Burger ($17.50) and an Ice coffee ($5) while GK had some toasted focaccia ($10.90) and a Berry Smoothie ($6.50) . I LOVED how meaty the beef was. The flavour was like BAM-in-your-face. I don’t really know how to describe its tastiness apart from “meatiness x1000”. Berry smoothie was mehhh.. nice but nothing special. Very seedy. But what else can you expect from a berry smoothie? I recommend the Fruit Salad smoothie. Now that’s yum! Will go back for more.

Accidentally overwritten the original full body shot with my pixlr-edited one :'(. But that’s okay, I got to enjoy a nice sky at the end of the day!

As usual, I’m meant to be doing something assignment related for uni but as you know I am forever procrastinating, hence a new post from yours truly.