It’s all for your own good

So I’ve never been the perfect child.
I was never an overachiever, let alone just an achiever. I’m not smart. I always get into trouble and just never seem to get anything right, no matter how hard I try. Whatever I do, it always results in something that would be better off not happening.

I’d get lectured and shouted at.
I’d feel like absolute shit, and in my head, I would wish so many things I know I’ll end up regretting.
As I stay there silent and guilty while profanities and “How could you?”s get thrown at me, I think.

Not just about what I’ve done and how I could’ve done something so horrid, but I think about how this person (and everyone else who’s yelled their lungs out at me)… cares.

This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about it. Its been roaming around in my mind for quite a while, and all that runs through my head is how much I appreciate it. Sure, I hate getting into trouble (who doesn’t?) and I hate getting lectures, but it just shows how much they worry for you. They try to get what they’re telling you so far into your head that if you even think about doing it again, you’d think twice.

Parents and guardians, siblings and cousins, scold you because they care.
Think about it, you don’t rage or yell at anyone because you don’t give a shit. You do what you do because you give a damn.

This early morning while I was in bed, I was awaken by someone coming up the stairs (my stairs makes this very audible thump thump noise whenever someone is going up or down).

Me being lazy as always, couldn’t be bothered rolling around in bed to get myself into a more comfier position, so I stayed facing the door.
In that person came, and arranged my quilt and blankets over me to keep me warm and stroked my head ever so gently and said, “God bless you…” in the most sincere tone I’ve ever heard someone speak in.

She walked back out after that and little did she know, I heard her.

This person, who is 85% of the time shouting and screaming at me, has just walked into my bedroom to tuck me in and comfort me in my sleep. Despite the stress I unintentionally brought upon her, she is still here for me.

No matter how angry or how upset I am at my family, I would never give them up for anything else in the world. Anything.
They work their hardest to give the best, and have always put the younger before themselves.

With family comes unconditional love.
No act so bad can come in between the relationships we have.

This is what I find most important in my life. Family.

Without them, I wouldn’t be anywhere.
(lol used Family Guy as a picture because 1;  I’ve never had a family photo and 2; because no matter what shit Peter or anyone else in the family gets into, they’re still there for each other. I could’ve used the Simpsons as an example as well but ehhh. Family Guy is ever so slightly cooler.)

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