Right before school

Hmm first day of Term 4 starts tomorrow. I haven’t touched my books during these holidays at all! Well. Two words: I’m fucked.

I don’t even know what I have to do or what work I’ve missed out on when I went overseas 2 weeks before school actually ended.. LOL.. When I ask friends what to do, they all say “nothing” ==. LIKE WTF HOW CAN IT BE NOTHING.

Sigh. Nvm, this way I can relax.
… Kind of. The fact of getting into trouble for not doing my work just taunts me.


I miss America. I had a really good time there!

We ventured around Disneyland (including California Adventures)

Went on Splash Mountain (like 5x =.=”)

Then eyeliner smudged everywhere and hair is destroyed from all the water

But I reapplied eyeliner and we went on the Indiana Jones ride

And the queue was taking soo long, so we decided to take pictures.

There was so much more we did, but I cbf uploading the photos.
After our stay near Disneyland, we went and drove to Hollywood, where we lived for only a week. We did heaps of touristy stuff and visited Universal Studios!

With Scooby Doo @ Universal Studios. (Holy shit, do I have a sock tan? :S)

And we went to see the beaches. This photo is of Malibu 😀 (and me marching on it because I was so excited wtf..)

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