Procrastination yer yer

Hello world 🙂

Homework can totally go suck my lollipops.
After I came home from school, first thing I did was jump onto bed and turn on my laptop! Then after getting a daily dose of Facebook and whatnot, I went to my desk and opened up my workbooks in preparation of getting all that needed to be done, done.

But of course, that didn’t go as I planned. As always.
Here is what I did instead:

Shitty 2mp phone camera sigh..
But at least my hair looks thick here 😐

Oh some more bigass photos… T_T Sigh I need to find a new pass time..

Oh, and I was doing my Methods and midway through, I saw the back of my friend’s book and it had this picture:

According to my classmates, I am kind of like a sadistic, evil bitch who loves violence and gore and take joy at the thought of inflicting pain of others wtffff.

Hmm yeah and then I drifted off into sleep 😀

Currently, I am at my last question for Economics.
If I get it done by the end of tonight I will be ECSTATIC.

If I finish it by 10.30PM, I will move onto completing my methods exercises and I WILL SLEEP BEFORE MIDNIGHT!!!!!! (Oh early sleeps, how I’ve missed you…!!)

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