12th March 2011

On Saturday I went with my friend to try out a place at Crown called Sante. It’s a buffet and costs $26.90 per person, if I remember correctly!

After going up the escalators, the buffet is on your left and ahead of you is where you buy your buffet tickets 🙂

The retard I was with

THE LAMB CHOP TASTED SOOO GOOD. The taste was perfect, but it was a little tough to cut. I don’t think it was the meat itself, and I blame it on the knife! It had blunt edges, and was almost like a butter knife! Fml now I know what my dad means by ‘work for your food’. The creamy pasta at the top right was so creamy. I didn’t like it much – only because I’m not so into cream. Caz really likes it though.

Clockwise from left: Cold pasta, prawn crackers, the black looking thing is the beef burger and “chicken brocolli”, as said on the card in front of the platter.
I LOVED the pasta. I like my pasta a bit chewy and not so soft and it got it just right! It tastes great too. I reckon the “chicken brocolli” was OK… It was chicken breast and on top of it is some filling that tasted cheesy and you could see bits of brocolli in there. I’m not a fan of cheese!
The beef burger was amazing though! made up for the chicken.

This is what I had for desert. Watermelons are in season! BUT WHY DID THEY HAVE TO USE SEEDED WATERMELONS? WHY NOT SEEDLESS??? Damn annoying! I was too lazy to spit my seeds out so I ended up just chewing on it =.= I’m in love with the agar-agar, and the brownie was nice.. on the first bite. Then it became unbearably sweet and I needed to sown my water quickly after!
But how cute is it? 🙂
OH this was good. Really good. I had two and I would’ve had more if I could fit more! It’s caramel custard.
Look what the retard did – she can’t pour water for shit!
Tandas hantu omg??
The floors were so pretty I had to take a photo! And I lol at the guy in the green shirt at the bottom right!
Don’t know what we were thinking.
While sitting down and relaxing by the river, these fucking things went up in flames and I was thinking to myself, ‘WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING..’! Then Caz told me they did this every night or so, but she’s never actually seen it.
This one reminds me of “The Girl Who Played With Fire”. Loved that trilogy!!!!!
Took many photos like these but… this is the most normal.
Today is Labour Day and I don’t have school. I planned from the moment I woke up to finish all my outstanding homework.
Did not happen.
Fuck me I need to stop procrastinating!
This upcoming Saturday (19th) is Shin Ern’s birthday! 18th birthday, to be precise. Can’t wait for it and will defs have a post up for that occasion!
P.S.: I’m so sorry for the shitty photos! I felt too shy to take photos while eating so I just quickly and simply took shots!!! I feel as if I’m not using my Canon to full potential 😥

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