Shin Ern’s 18th

Had a small get together today! Consisted of the birthday girl – Shin Ern, then Emily, Shreshta and myself :). Went ice skating and after that, Starbucks and Vietnamese Noodle House!


On the way to Ice House! On the 70 tram. Shreshta and Shin Ern

Getting skates

She is skinny from every angle.. wtf?

My skates 😀 and cankles.. fml.

The ice rink. I didn’t dare bring my camera on it because I was so afraid that I’d slip and fall, then break my baby… then it’s $1.3k gone.. but thankfully I didn’t fall once!

Having a small lunch while they resurfaced the ice.

The birthday girl!

Emily paid $5 for this! Two slices of raisin toast wtf!

…While I paid $5 for fries mmm.

The bottle of tomato sauce on our table was finished, so we went to get the bottle behind our table – and that was finished too. Third time lucky, we went to another table and quickly snatched it before anyone else could take it and completely drenched my fries in it 😀

After ice skating.. those stoners. Some lady stepped right in front of me and was telling me if I’d like to do a survey. Then I said OK lol.

We had to do it on a palm! I was confused in the beginning. Then I thought to myself, what if someone were to just run away with it?

I lub (attempting to) contour + highlight my nose!

Bitch running away from me!

I got to lazy to do the survey so I just gave it to Emily to do lolol.

Why do I look so man?

… Yes.

Fucking bitch in the middle has THE GAP!!

About to get on the tram (not that one, though)

Oh, and this is the Guess bracelet me and Emily got for her birthday! 🙂

Why does my face look so squashed? Man and squashed… how appealing…

Second time anyone at Starbucks has spelt my name in the western way correctly!!! 😀

Emily has a sexual attraction to the guy with the gray singlet that says “RUN” something something

This is where we had our dinner

The interior

Watermelon juice to go 🙂

We just wanted Shreshta in the background lol

No way you’re escaping this photo

Camwhored further because I didn’t want my make up to go to waste lolol

And this is how I get the guys.


Cute little turtle statue I found outside 🙂

Pointless photo

A freaky photo of me to end this post.

For one I have big eyes. YEAH, MOTHERFUCKA!

Fuck, English SAC tomorrow. So not prepared…

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