So many things to buy

Sort of wavy hair!

I think these holidays I will be approximately spending.. oh Jesus, at least $300. AT LEAST.

Need new dress, new shoes, new make up, new curler… man I sound so superficial!

I am going to cry myself to sleep nao. Instead of studying. FUCK I JUST REMEMBERED ABOUT THE ECO SAC ON MONDAY!!!


Lol, remember how I said my History SAC was on Wednesday? Fml it is actually this coming Monday, on the same day as my Economics SAC. I just forgot to update my planner =_= So on Tuesday, I stayed up until 3am to do my notes, etc. How sleep deprived I was! But now I have time to focus on just my Eco, which is good!

But I have yet to handwrite my cheat sheet for History (typed up isn’t allowed… WHY????), and my notes was around 1.7k words. SIGH.

So many problems… But after Monday there will be no stress, and HOLIDAYS ARE COMING, THANK THE LORD!



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