New battle scar!

On the side of my left hand sigh. Got it from work from an edge of a metal wiry thing, when I was putting it back in the drawer. (Fml my dark circles… and that’s with the heaviest concealer I’ve got.)


It ain’t stopping me from camwhoring 8D.

Still a little sore. The pictures make it look so.. not painful 😐 but it kinda is.

Had 18 hours of work yesterday and today, both shifts of which I didn’t take my lunch break (an hour long) because I had to clean up after everyone. ==

Bought 2 Red Bulls for tonight! Looks like I’ll be up til 3 or 4 in the mornin’ cramming Eco +writing up my History shit

Can’t wait until the end of tomorrow when I can come home and COLLAPSE ON THE BED AND DRIFT AWAY TO MY DREAMS; MY EUPHORIA.

Suffer now, enjoy later!

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