Santes Buffet + Rant

Yesterday was the last day of school for term 1. Me and Caz decided to go eat and eat and eat once again at Santes!

B-E-A-yooootiful day 🙂

My first round. Argh, blurry photos. LOVED the fried fish (bottom left)!!!!!

The crab (bottom left) tasted like fishcake… but the roasted potato at the top right was soooo good! WHY DID I ONLY TAKE ONE PIECE WHY!!! AND WHY DID I ONLY TAKE ONE PIECE OF CHOP!!!

Le desserts. Blueberry cheesecake!

TIRAMISU… This one was very very verrrryyyy nice. Personally, I think that tiramisu is overrated. It’s nice yeah but not THAT nice that it’s worth raving on and on about! But this one at Santes was sooo smooth and argh!!! It didn’t have that liquor-y taste that some tiramisus have. Which I totally appreciate!

That black thing was chocolate pudding, I believe. Not bad.

Self serve ice cream with hundreds and thousands (which were really crunchy :S), topped with chocolate and palm seeds on the right!

That was all the food I could take – massive fail – and my tummy is bulllllging! I must starve myself the next time LOL so I can fit more!


Do I know you?

Tell me I’m beautiful… go on. 🙂

I am pretty sure Caz was high or something.. She kept on telling me ‘WHOAAAA THOSE BUILDINGS LOOK LIKE THEY’RE FLOATING!!!! LOOK AT THE LIGHTS! DON’T YOU RECKON?!?!’

I think she’s trying to grow out her armpit hair… LOL

Face so FET even my hand can’t cover it up!

Drunks that made us take photos for them while they lay on the floor…


“WHAT IF I SIT LIKE A MAN? HUH?” I can if I want to, biatch! 😦

Fail fire show

Whenever I look at this, I think to myself: Forever alone…

A decent photo of us both! Though I look like I have sideburns and just very gross overall

HAHAHAHH fucking.. I don’t know why she thinks she looks like a giraffe..

Pyro bitch


………Stoner unicorn

This fucking loser practically fed on just soup at the buffet LOL!


Don’t tell me I can’t show attitude if you’re giving me some when I didn’t start shit, you fucking dyke! You don’t like it? Well suck it up wanker, you’re getting it! Are you fucking joking me when you asked if I thought that you really wanted to do that stuff?

The answer is, DUH. If you really didn’t want to then you shouldn’t fucking have! And why did you? You’re just bringing problems upon yourself and trying to take it out on everyone. Bitch, it’s ’bout time you got fucking laid! Did I want to fucking apologize because I was sincere about it, or was I doing it just because I was told? WHAT DO YOU FUCKING THINK!

I WOULDN’T HAVE FUCKING APOLOGISED TO YOU UNTIL THE DAY YOU SHIT BRICKS. It was just a necessary objective in order to get the phone back into my possession. Don’t fucking flatter yourself. Who the fuck do you think you are?

I wasn’t talking in the Year 12 room. I wasn’t making any noise. It was so peaceful between me and my friends and you come and go into T-Rex mode and be like ‘GIMME UR FONE OR I TELL ON YEW!’

Why the fuck do I have to apologise to you? You were in the fucking wrong, ho! If you were nice in the first place, I wouldn’t have given you “attitude” to begin with. And by telling me to basically ‘go figure’ when I asked you ‘oh, but how?’ was just so fucking stupid. If I’m asking you that question then it’s fucking obvious that I don’t see my ‘issues’, so how the fuck would I ‘go figure’, you piece of shit!

I didn’t want your fucking 10 minute lecture. I didn’t want to have to look at your face. I didn’t want to listen to your fucking nasal voice and heavy accent.. that really resembles our Prime Minister’s. It was hard to fucking understand you and I JUST WANTED MY PHONE. Just because you got no one else to vent your personal stress problems to, don’t shove it on me! I don’t want to listen to how hard being a parent is. It’s not fucking relevant. YOU’RE not fucking relevant. Get a fucking shrink, bitch! All I wanted to do then and there was pimp and bitch slap your white ass to I don’t know, the zoo. I wanted to rip your hair off your head and decapitate every limb you’ve got.

You tell me to have respect for you? Fucker, yeah I’m TOTALLY going to give that to you after you tell me to “go away”, then turned your back on me, without answering my questions.

Wake the fuck up. The common room is NEVER going to be quiet while there are students in there. It’s NEVER going to have only studious teenagers. That’s what the fucking library is for! The common room is certainly NEVER going to be your idea of perfection. Reality fucking check, you disrespectful and demeaning fuck. You don’t fucking like it? LET’S TAKE IT OUTSIDE. I WILL SHRED YOU TO PIECES AND YOU WILL BE SEEN RUNNING TO YOUR MOTHER CRYING FOR HELP. I will take out of myself every ounce of anger I have ever experienced and leash it upon you. After I’m done, I’ll make sure so that people don’t even fucking recognise you!


Ah, that felt good =]!

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