My absence, in photos!

Been too lazy to do anything these days. This is what holidays do to you! It gets you into a lethargic state and it’s as if you’d never want to go back into doing anything productive again. Anyway, here’s some stuff I did:

 Had a typical dinner @home

 Camwhored and put on a pretty face


Went to Bridge Road and shopped for dresses, then had lunch at Nandos with Shin Ern

This shit costed me $24! But it was pretty good. Worth $24?! Fuck no!!

My new favourite place to eat 🙂

What I had. $8.70

What my dad had. The rendang was sooooo good. Like omg… Jizz!! I had a massive craving for it today! But the nearest Nelayan is on Glenferrie Road and it’s so difficult to get there! Have to change trams twice! If only I could drive. Sigh.


Went to da supermarket.

Dad choosing fucking Alfredo sauce when I told him not to! I refused to eat Alfredo, so we had pasta with chicken mushroom sauce that night instead. EUGH, alfredo!!


With pretty Jolene, had dinner @ Thanh Thanh on Victoria Street.

Free appetiser! Yum, prawn crackers.

 Singapore noodles. My dad was saying how silly it was to go to a Vietnamese restaurant and order something Singaporean… But it was good, ok! And I can have pho any other time!!


Soda and egg yolk with milk… Say what? But apparently it’s nice. According to Jolene…

Bought myself some new make up and accessories! Babylips is soooo good. I bought another one in Berry flavour 🙂 And that fucking Mac powder was fucking $47. Fucking Australia, Y U SO EXPENSIVE?

Camwhored some more

I really need to get on with doing homework. But so ceebs!

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