Pasta and freaky cover of a magazine

Made some pasta bake with GK! I think this is the first time we made something without any complications. Something always tends to go wrong! But not this time 😀

She was so eager to eat it. Didn’t stop much to let me take photos =(

Om nom nom.

OMFG I saw this on the coffee table and I was thinking, wtf!! Demon child!!!

But it turns out it was about children and cooking… chocolate?

Took a photo of a rose that was in a vase that’s sitting in the living room. Full bloom! Wewww!

Had a discussion on whether or not she should cut her hair short.

Which means she would look like this. She did cut her hair, and she now looks like this LOL. But it doesn’t look bad at all 🙂
I should really start doing my homework… 3 more days of holidays until we return back to hell! =(

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