From normal to Gaga?

It just became progressively weird….

1. I call this.. The Edward Cullen/Chuck Bass

Just happy that my hair is growing!

Not so self explanatory..



This is what I meant.. LOL.

When I walked back into my room after getting a drink, this is what I saw.
Good times 😀
P.S: Got a load of E.L.F cosmetics!! 43 items to be precise! Loving them alllll!
Received my Babyliss thing in the mail just last night and I’m luuurving it.
Shoes are yet to arrive, but I also got a pair from Novo shoes called ‘Sultry’! Hooray for slutty heels!
I think I need to cure this addiction.. The addiction for shopping =(…
It’s doing the worst things to my bank account..
And I’ve only had one shift in the past 7 days!!! Fucking Alim! Made me go with him to some breakdancing thing and as a result, I wasn’t able to work my usual Sunday shift. Which is my ultimate weekly source of income!
Without it I feel so naked.

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