Hello sunshine

It was super cold this morning. Had a low of 3.1 degrees, I believe!

Look at the condensation on my bedroom windows 😐

When I came home from school I found that my stuff I got from Sasa.com has arrived! (Minus the Youth Code, Nivea + Clean & Clear – I got these from Chemist Warehouse :D)

Saw an ad for Chemist Warehouse (CW) in the newspaper while I was on my lunch break yesterday during work. Each of these were only $17 something! I saved a total of $37something on my bill =]. Serum on the left and night cream on the right.

…I just realised it’s anti wrinkle wtf. I am 17 and I am using anti wrinkle cream. Ok.

My FAVOURITE moisturiser of all time! Hada Labo! Lurvveeee! And their famous toner on the left! Haven’t tried this yet.

Skin79 BB cream. I was running out of foundation so I decided to get this, since they say it’s good for dry skin. So much cheaper than buying it here.

LET ME TELL YOU: They sell it for AUD$75 in one of the city stores I went to that sells asian stuff. $75 What in the fuck?!

Online was USD$25? Or mid $20s around there. I love you, Sasa.

Because I was running out of exfoliator + toner.

My very much awaited product!!!!! BB corrector! EEEE…!!!

More or less true to colour! Shade: Bisque.

Yesterday I went to Cafe Corretto (if I remember correctly) on Lygon Street to meet up with my Uncle, Aunty and three cousins who came from Malaysia. Well, one of them is studying here, but still. They came from Malaysia regardless lol

I had Pasta Carbonara. IT WAS SO GOOD! I asked for it without parmesan cheese lol I can’t stand parmesan =.=

Me: “oh, can I have that without parmesan cheese?”
Waiter: “WITHOUT parmesan cheese…?”
Me: “…Yes.”

Uncle: “You order without parmesan cheese??”

Some idunnowhat pizza. It was vegetarian though and the crust was thin and it absolutely yummy 🙂

Caesar salad! The dressing was really good and tangy.

Some pasta LOL. I fail at remembering things..

It was so hard to take photos because: 1) People wanted to eat, 2) Stupid shadows kept getting in the way 😦

There were 4 or so other dishes that I didn’t take photos of. They were chicken soup, something, something and something!

Had Freddo’s Gelati for dessert! So many flavours! I had lychee. And they had durian gelati!!!! Omg I was so tempted. And mango.

This is Alicia, youngest of us all 🙂

She likes to step on leaves. That is all. LOL.

This is Amelia.

O hai!

Teehee… Bend over girl, bend over! LOLOL


This is Jason. Lamest person ever…

“Why is a bear so patient?”
“Because it can bear it!”

Le outfit! New boots from Dotti!

See how much I needa bend to get to her height TEEHEE.


Camera got hijacked #1

Camera got hijacked #2

Camera got hijacked #3

Camera got hijacked #4

I can see the resemblance!!!

Camera got hijacked #5
We are truly related!

Camera got hijacked #6

Ze brother

Camera got hijacked #7

Creepy photo of Alicia in bed? I think…

Camera got hijacked #8

Yes, I believe this is proof we are related.. haha.

Camera got hijacked #9

I told them I would frame this

Camera got hijacked #10

Camera got hijacked #11

I seriously keep thinking that this is Jason’s foot LOL he is so flexible! But it is actually Amelia’s.

The brother and the man in hotel slippers.

Was waiting in the lobby of the hotel because it was so cold outside! And on the wall there were these chinese artifacts and I liked the way they put the signs up sideways, so I took a photo of it.

But it was blurry because I was standing next to  the entrance of the hotel’s restaurant and suddenly I saw a waiter looking at me with a ‘wtf is she doing face’ and I got scared so I ran away and went outside LOL. 😐

Dinner @ home a few nights ago! Yes, I sometimes eat steak with rice.

These few days have just not gone my way… Work was hell and exhausting.

And two words: Fucking metdogs. -_-

3 thoughts on “Hello sunshine

    • The gold one I’ve got is lovely. I have dry skin and am always cautious about stuff I put on my face because a lot of things accentuate the flakey bits I have (even after exfoliating sigh). Coverage is medium, I’d say, and it’s got a floral-ish scent to it! It is moisturising and doesn’t accentuate dry patches, though oil control in my opinion is not so good! Best to set it with powder for longer lasting results! It feels pretty thick, BUT on your face it feels soooo lightweight. I didn’t understand lol! It gives you that no makeup feel! I’m not even exaggerating.
      Overall I highly recommend it! For the price, it’s definitely worth it, and it gives you a ton of product! 🙂 Hope this was helpful. If anything else, let me know!

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