Semi Ke$ha make up?? haha

Errr I really cbf posting about formal because just the thought of how many photos I’d have to upload makes me cringe!

An update of my absence:

1) I was capped for 2.5 weeks. 2.5 fucking weeks. What the fuckkkk!!!?
2) School ended on the 1st of July and I’m pleasantly enjoying my holidays.
3) What have I been doing these holidays? NOTHING 😀 just the way I like it.
4) Went clubbing for the first time
5) Rented dvds to waste my time on

EHHH ya :D. Time for nonsensical photos to make up for my laziness.

Played around with the camera a bit and ……yep.


a;khd;kwuhe;wueh CRAAAAAAVE

How could I not have bought this top? LOLOL it is the cutest thing.

This is just… I dunno

Sleeping mask/eye mask. I actually have no idea what you call it..

Fuck da world. And my messy room.


And this is my new wallet from Colette!!!!! I LOVE IT although it was $30 😦 I’m so asian I really wouldn’t have spent more than $20 for a wallet but this is toooo cute hahhaha!

Oh man, note to self. NEVER again order a Streetwise Dinner Box from KFC when only you will be eating it…

All the salt and oil etcetera gave me a sore throat which then led to a cough =_= . 10 pieces of chicken with two large fries…

Nothing else to blog about now 😦 I shall go back to enjoying life as a hermit lolol!

OHHHH wait, I got my nails done!!! Biosculpture Gel french mani!!!! Cost me fucking $95 fuck bitch shit face cunt grr. BUT the service was very good and the place was clean and hygenic! When I went there, the woman asked me where I got my nails done before and I said Hollywood Nails in Vic Gardens. Then she asked me how long ago it was and I said roughly two weeks.

THEN she said to me, ‘Oh, you must’ve not seen the news huh?’

And I replied, ‘What news?’

To which she said, ‘It was on either A Current Affair or Today Tonight… They had some reporting about how many women got infections on their nails and feet from going to get their mani/pedi done at Hollywood Nails.’

And I’m thinking… lolwtffuckmylife I do hope that I haven’t gotten nail AIDS or something -_-

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