One of the saddest moments of my life

Went to watch the final Harry Potter movie today. If you follow me on Twitter you would know this!! haha.

I cried numerous times during the film. One of them being like the very first few scenes LOL wtf, because when I saw Dobby’s grave I was like “…..Dobby.. T_______T”.. and when he saw the ghosts of his parents, Sirius, etc. Also when he looked into Snape’s memories. Ooo did the waterworks come.

OH and the guy next to me was fucking aggro!

Kept telling the people behind us to “shut the fucking hell up” like 5 times. He was crying at some bits of the movie too. This is kinda irrelevant, but he was fat and it kinda made things hilarious… No offence and all :|.

And he tapped me and was like, “sorry, but could you be quiet?” BITCH PLEASE, I BARELY UTTERED A WORD!!

I’m reaaaaally upset now that there’s no more HP to look forward to. 😥 That itself makes me wanna cry!

This whole thing has been very hyped up but let me tell you, the movie was abso-fucking-lutely worth it. I watched it in 3D and I don’t regret it!!! The effects were amazing and ooooo girl, so was Dan Rad. *BLOWS KISSES TO PHOTO OF DANRAD*

When he rescued Malfoy and they were on the broomstick, I wished so bad I could’ve been Malfoy holding onto Harry LOL…… Eh, a girl can wish 😛

Had Nelayan for lunch and bought two new tops! I had a good day 🙂

My cousin now calls me Nagini for some unknown reason.. wtf.


Um yeah I’m not going to upload the videos I took of Alim and Aniq because I just checked the size and one was 400MB and the other, 250MB. That would take a million years to upload zzz.

I’ll just keep it for private entertainment LOL…

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