Sam & Aniq’s 18th! ~100 photos.. sweet Jesus.

So on the 11th of July, a couple of friends got together at Doncaster Shoppingtown to celebrate Sam and Aniq’s 18th! We went to watch Kun Fu Panda 2 (of which I cried to wtf) and followed it up with dinner at La Porchetta.

Me and Alim went a little earlier tho at around 2pm so we had time to buy their gifts. Fml so last minute.

Waiting for ze bus. I fucking missed it so I had to wait another half hour =.= Ffs.

Outside the cinemas.

Decided on buying a teddy bear for Sam!

Most attracted to this row of bears (and other animals) for some reason.

Ended up getting this one 😀 It was soooo soft and cuddly I wanted to get one for myself. But alas.. things here are so fucking expensive =.=

I got Aniq some Calvin Klein fragrance! I didn’t get a pic of it though.

We then went to Build A Bear!! First time setting foot in that store and oh my god, it was… really… perky.

This was like 1% of the amount of clothing they had for the toys 😐

And this covered only a small section of the store!! I think each piece (well, the ones I looked at) costs $25 or $30. Something like that. Wtf!!

We were going to get this for Aniq as a representation of his masculinity.

We got the black one instead… LOL. A representation of.. yeah.

The thing they use to stuff your chosen toy. See how the bear is holding a red thing at the bottom of the picture? Well they were little red hearts, and when the sales assistant was nearly done stuffing the bear and was about ready to sew it up, she told Alim to hold one of those things to his heart and close his eyes, then make a wish.

And then Alim was pretty much looking at her in horror LOLOL. Imagine a grown boy doing something so… gay LOLOL.

But the worker was really nice though.

I felt really bad for the bear..

Tying her up! Wait. Actually, I don’t know what gender it is.. we never decided upon that!! Wtf.

Waiting in line to pay for Chocolate Bear. That’s what we named it LOL. Ugh hair so flat..

There was a birth certificate you could make for your toy and there was one box you had to fill out and it says something like “This toy was stuffed by ________”, and I put in “Strangers” LOLLLL I thought it was funny okay!

Err this loser decided to ditch me while in line and went around gallavanting. I swear, that he’s secretly loving this place.

Chocolate Bear was packed in a box like this 😀 It had a door, and the window was on another side.

Had lunch at The Groove Train!!! I think this is now my favourite place to eat at!

I asked him to act cute with it but he refused.

..closeenough.jpg lolol.

Waiting for ze food.

Hey there little kid… 😉

Just a snippet of the menu. This shit ain’t cheap! 😐

This is a really bad picture to show my point BUT I really liked the ambience of the restaurant.

..and they had really awesome lights lol.

Bitch ditched me once again to go buy a pen to write in Aniq’s birthday card. The card was pink and pretty :D.

“Hey Babe, you’re 18 now! This means you can do a lot of other new and…”

“…special things! Don’t blow all your money on hookers though, I’d rather you blow it all on me!

Love you bitch,
stay black.

From Mr. Pee Wee + Li Ean”

This is what he had: Chicken Parmigiana (I hope I spelled that correctly..). I think this was $21.90.

 And I had Moroccan Lamb! It was piled up on top of mashed potato. It was sooooooo good!!! $21.90

Also, a side of wedges. They were really good too! So crispy on the outside and the seasoning was amazinggggg. $8.50

Jumper: Glenferrie Road $50, Leggings: Temt $2.50, Boots: Dotti $69.95, Bag: Sportsgirl $29.95

After lunch, walked around to rid a bit of our fullness! Went into Fossil where Alim checked out some of the watches.. and I took photos lolol.

Alim: “Um. So.. basically you came into Fossil to.. take photos of yourself?”

Li Ean: “…yes?”

Made our way to Village Cinemas

Met up with the early birds and gave them their gifts! We were all meant to meet at around 5.30pm since the movie started at 5.40 but we saw these people at 5pm!

L-R: Wilson, Aniq, Sam, myself



You’d like to lick that wouldn’t you…

See the Build A Bear box over there? LOL Sam did something ever so sneaky.

We wanted Aniq to carry the bear in his hands, sooo she decided to throw away the box while he was gone for a bit.

Walking away from the crime scene.


Waited for 20ish more minutes for people to come and we watched Kung Fu Panda 2! It was a great movie 🙂

I cried when Po/Poh (fml I can’t even spell the panda’s name) recovered his memories of his parents!!!! Fucking sad!!!

Movie finished and we walked down the road to the Italian restaurant 🙂

Deciding what to order

Just casually licking the back of my hand to see what skin tastes like..

FOOD CAME! Dishes went all the way to the other end of the very long table. I was on the edge =_= so hard to take photos.

Alim: “I swear you’re the only one who takes photos of food wtf”


Slice of margarita pizza, some fries and garlic bread.

It took my 5 minutes to think of what the pizza was called =.= I kept thinking it was marinara pizza, but it didn’t sound right so I went onto the Dominos site to find out LOL

Something alfredo

CARBONARA. The penne pasta was cooked to perfection I tell you. A little bit chewy – just the way I like it.

Haha and yes I used the same plate.. PROBLEM??

Wiped out.

There was some pizzas on the other end of the table and I reaaaally wanted a slice of chicken pizza but I was SO. FUCKING. FULL.

-Hijacked camera photos START- Credits to Shin!

This is Aniq under the table, if anyone is wondering.

-END hijack photos-

Random nonsense photo… ft. Shin Ern and Darren 😀

Camwhore BEGIN
Camwhore END
Sam + Emily. With Shing Yue as photographer 😀
Shin and Sam
Le three girls 🙂
Cam got hijacked again!
Ft. Frankie and stranger woman 🙂
Something Shin took.
Tiramisu cake from Michel’s Patisserie. It tasted like coffee but far from actual tiramisu!
I couldn’t get photos of the birthday duo, since I was sitting next to them so Shin took over and took a few of the following pics 🙂
My faaavourite photo of these two!
Seriously, it was like freaking paparazzi flashes everywhere.
Aniq can’t serve cake for shit LOLOL
Shin to the rescue!
Yeahhh, show them bitches how it’s done LOLOL
Emily having the last piece. On the platter that the cake was served LOL
So this concoction consisted of the following:
Salt + pepper
Cake and it’s coffee flavoured cream.
Apparently it smelled really foul.. LOL..
I filmed Alim sculling it and I guess I’ll upload that tomorrow or something! Which reminds me… I filmed Aniq doing something ridiculous too LOLLLL.
I had a real good time!

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