Those wasted nights

Shamelessly putting photos of myself up lolol … 😀


And this is sort of how it went down.. (credits to Padget for the next two photos)


Went on Facebook this morning on my mobile and saw this photo, and I was thinking ‘lol fucked bitch’. Then I looked closer and saw my necklace and I just wtfed. That fucked bitch is me 😦

No recollection of that whatsoever.

L-R: Random, Ash, myself, Fei, Caz, Alim

Got home and KOed


When I saw Georgie in the morning, she told me my aunty pretty much hates me LOL

Aunty was asking where I was, and if I went out and my cousins said yes.

Then my aunt was like, ‘What! She is not allowed to go out! Call her now and tell her to come home.’

After that I was like what the fuck. Bitch who the fuck says I’m not allowed out?
There was no rule that states I’m to be home all the time. Who the fuck are you to tell me to come home?
Like fuck I’d come home when I’m out having fun at 2am in the morning. Ok wait maybe I would, but I definitely would not if the request came from you. Lol bitch.

Plus, I’m on holidays. I’m gonna live a bit.

Just because your life is shit and lonely doesn’t mean you can try to ruin mine.

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