Very short post – my most recent haul! (Hi Jason)

Was walking through the house and when I was going upstairs to my room, the sun was setting and the light it made through the house was realllyyyy pretty so I grabbed my camera and took a photo 😀

Although I can’t really tell which it reminds me more of: A stairway to heaven, or an entrance to hell.

Knowing me, I’d say hell would welcome me with open arms :’|…

L-R: Sample of Chanel’s Inimitable Intense mascara, MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark ($36), Chanel’s Mat Lumiere powder compact ($98), Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy fragrance 100ml ($129.95), Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua foundation ($77), sample of Chanel’s Chance fragrance, Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation sample in 2.5, and finally Ardell lashes ($8.95)!

Those lashes… I don’t recommend to anyone with a small crease. My lids just keep pushing them down and it felt heavy on my eyes and I felt blind zzz. I’m sticking with my Darkness lashes, although they have a more stiff spine but they are definitely more comfortable compared to the Ardell ones.

In love with the packaging. -drools- It smells like… sweet vanilla… berry…? IT JUST SMELLS SO GOOD.

Arghhhh in love with THIS packaging! The sophistication and simplistic design of the compact and sleek look makes me want to take it with me everywhere!!

Le inside. Very good for touch ups and mattifying throughout the day.

A big ass unfocused photo of myself. ARE YOU SCARRED YET? ARE YOU? Good.

I also bought MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid ($49 + $8 for the bottle’s pump) and I just HAD to return it. I couldn’t stand the smell. I thought it couldn’t smell THAT bad, after reading reviews of it but when I tried it out on my whole face… dear sweet Jesus, did I see my life flash before me?

Ok it’s not so bad to that extent but it literally smells almost like paint, and if you can stand that then you’re a fucking tank. Also, the sales assistant gave me a wrong match. She said I was NW20 which was pink toned, and way too dark for my skin. My jawline looked horrible lol. The difference between my face and neck was… unsightly.

It did not feel light at all on my skin and you could FEEL the foundation sitting on your face like a mask. The blot powder however was pretty good. Makes my make up last and look fresher for longer.


Bought more little knick knacks but I ceebed taking photos, I was in a rush. The rosary necklace was one of them though. Only $5 at Rubi and it was the last one!

Saturday 3rd Setptember 2011

LE BURFDAE BOI in green! 😀 Tony!

Me and Caz. Guys, I’m in 😀

Clockwise from bottom left: Vinh, Hao (?), Andy, Jackson, me, Nick, Cathy, ??. Seriously, who is in that varsity jacket? I’m guessing Nihal!

HAHAHHA I look like a whale here and I have a huge gap in my hair. With Nick and Jason the Emo!

With Adrian, Seb, Andy.

Seb again and Dale! After all this time I still can’t believe he’s halfie…

Oh and the story behind my unflattering face was that me and Seb tried to make our eyes as big as possible.. because you know, we are so very very blessed with having these asian genetics…

I tried to shuffle on the night… It’s so much harder than it looks fml.

Until next time 🙂

2 thoughts on “Very short post – my most recent haul! (Hi Jason)

  1. I admire that you aren’t one of those 13 year old girls who don’t have a job and get their parents to give them money to buy expensive clothes, shoes, make up, $1,000+ cameras… There are so many of them around these days.

    • Thank you very much for this comment, Anon! I do work a lot for the money I have and spend, and I believe that one shouldn’t spend more than one earns (with a couple of exceptions). I get annoyed at those 13 year olds too, and how they so freely spend like their parents have infinite income. Then again, they are 13. They know little to nothing about the value of money and the hard work we put into earning the cash we need to provide for them and for ourselves! I agree that there are a lot of them these days, and I am 99.9% of the time quite against the spoiling of kids, no matter what their age. It drives me up the wall!

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