Pasta and sweet things




I’m back!  It’s holidays now until the 10th of October, so I had a little bit of time to chillax, and so I went out for lunch with Alim! We went to Il Solito Posto at 113 Collins St and had Italian food (if the name of the Restaurant didn’t make it obvious enough lolol). When I went in all you could see were men and women dressed in suits!

Just a snippet of the menu!

It’s a semi-basement restaurant so you would see the bottom-half of the people who walked past. I really liked it. That sounded weird.. I meant: it was something different, a new experience. Not something perverted OKOK??

Anyway I was really liking Hermes’s store display so I snapped a picture

Waiting for our fooooood. Herp.


Complimentary sourdough bread with olive oil to dip. Nom nom nom.

Calamari $24.50 – I really enjoyed this but seriously, for $24.50… gtfo.

Creamy Rigatoni! It was on the “Daily Specials” blackboard. I think it was $24.50 as well. Though my instinct tells me it was around $26-$27… But this was good. Really good. It wasn’t too creamy at all!

You know carbonara from La Porchetta or something, how if you have too much you get very jelak? This one is very different! And the thick-cut bacon pieces were both crispy and salty, which goes very well with the creaminess of the pasta. And the mushrooms were the last piece to the puzzle, making the dish foodgasmic *drool! Definitely will order this the next time round if its on their Daily Specials!

Veal Ragu $24.50 – this was was quite nice but I preferred the rigatoni! Dunno why but the veal reminded me of sardines.

Anyway we went walking around after that and it started pouring. Fml. Why didn’t I check beforehand?

Then Alim commented saying I looked like a tourist so I took this photo:

ZZZZ my rude hand looks like chicken feet but… you get the point!

Went to play pool at Strike in QV…

…Where I failed miserably. Eh hello, if I say I cannot play then cannot play! -.- Then this bastard kept telling me he couldn’t play too and he’s only played twice before but when it came to breaking I totally missed the bunch of balls BUT THEN HE, ON THE OTHER HAND, fucking broke perfectly and I’m just thinking, ‘This mother asshole fucking lied to me fucking bitch just wanted to see me fail… DON’T WANT TO PLAY ANYMORE!’


Faggot #1, Faggot #2

Touching himself

After pool we walked outside and it was freezing so I wanted to go have hot chocolate. Most convenient place to go to was San Churro – right next to Strike!

The displays for their products were so pretty! This is now my desktop wallpaper. Kinda a bad idea because I’m trying to eat healthy… but I really like this picture ok!

True mushroom hair

True Forever Alone

He had Spanish Latte

Decided on a cold drink instead because the store was really warm so yup, changed my mind! Had Raspberry Rumba $8 – $9 It was okayyy… I mean it tasted like a typical fruit blend from Boost or New Zealand Natural, just thicker. For the price its not really worth it.

I had the Black Forest Trifle $9.95. I didn’t like the cherries only because it tasted fully like red wine (I don’t like wine) but the chocolate cream and square pieces of brownies in there were not bad. It’s not super rich like the next one though. This is more of a subtle chocolate dessert.

This is the Strawberry Bizcocho! I really liked this one. $9.95 as well and I’m into really rich chocolate desserts and I would have devoured it all if only I weren’t so full!

I was so full at this point that after we left San Churro I had to hunch a little because my tummy felt like exploding from all the food we ate haha.

And then this motherfucker wanted to go get wheatgrass shots because he’s a faggot. So I went to get some Vitamin Water to drown out the taste of the shots, and oh my fucking god – even more fucking full can!!! Everytime I laughed I wanted to puke LOLOL.

Came home and got soaked walking from the tram stop to the house! Because of the lighting my hair looks red here and I am seriously considering dying it red. But then, the thought of maintenance drives me away from actually doing it..

But then I see this and I think “red hair red hair red hair” (and also that my face looks slim LOLOL) zzz.

Anywho, I also bought two books to read. First was “Passion” by Lauren Kate and the second one was.. I can’t remember the title but something about speaking to the dead.

I don’t really have anything else to blog about.. apart from “I’ve been doing shit all during the first week of holidays”. Althought I did get an extra shift at work for two weeks so I’m working Sat, Sun, Mon from 8am-5pm! Woohoo! MOOLAH COME TO ME!

Don’t feel any motivation to study, hence my slothing around and yeah. Oh, and the VTAC website is a fucking bitch for having a fail website that can’t handle the damn traffic of the majority of Year 12 students who decide to leave their applications for Uni to the last minute -_- Hello! I thought being (one of) the most important part of this year, I’d expect your website to be much better and able to accommodate the vast amount of lazy people like myself, who once again, leave thier applications to last minute!! Diu!

Oh and I also plan on saving $2k for my trip back to Malaysia at the end of the year. So excited! Purposely refusing to shop for any items of clothing because I wanna get them all when I’m overseas. So far, so good! No clothing related purchases for 2.5 months!

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