Dim sum and outrageousness

Helloooo :)!

Happy to say that my flight to Malaysia has been booked for the 20th of December! Fucking excited!! Today GK, my aunty and myself went to Tai Pan down at Doncaster to have yumcha. It’s been a while. I’ve missed it SO much!

Aunt, GK. LOLOLOL I just realised how pedo she looks here.

Suckling pig and Jellyfish with… some sauce. Oh my god, getting hungry again :c

Beef balls. This was my least favourite.. not because it was bad, but it had a vinegar-y taste which I wasn’t fond of. But sweet Jesus.. this next one:  I WAS IN LOVE! Beef tendons 🙂

Mothereffing goot ok!!!!!! Deep fried taro (I think lol)!

This dessert came around just as GK said “They should really have some green tea desserts!”
It was also kinda difficult to take photos because the table was really crowded half the time lol. OK! END OF LE FOOD ADVENTURE!

We left and went to Shoppo to get a couple of things and after that we just went home and continued with our lives.

 JC Litas *love*

Star to cover up the fat patch LOLOL.

Here comes the chink face!..

Being a monkey. Problem?!

Aw cute!

So got home, then I got extremely bored and didn’t wanna study… so I did something totally spontaneous to get me out of doing what should be my top priority 🙂


The original

..and the edited!

Ok, nothing else to blog about now!

Hope you guys have a veli goot dae!

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