This post will consist mostly of pictures of retardism. Last Friday I went to some venue in Parkville for some event for some school with some guy. Kidding. I was invited by Alim.

Was too lazy to lug around my Canon so I brought along with me my iPod Touch instead!

Half of my right eyelash came undone 30 minutes into the damn night and it was so fucking irritating. I couldn’t do anything about it either because I didn’t have glue on me 😦 Looked like some awkward herp derp noob for hours.

Here is a big arse photo of my face that’s covered in approximately an inch or two of make up:

Before leaving the house.

After eating, camwhoring with the Muslim


Ok at this point I can’t tell if the disgust shown on his face is because of my face or because he’s going along with me and making retarded expressions himself hahahahhah. I often ask myself how I even have friends.

Ok, everything from here on now is normal.

We met a guy called Jason on the night and he seemed pretty nice :).

Fuck hahhaha want to take a picture at a more unflattering angle????

Ok ending with this photo because it looks nothing like me and my bone structure looks good az hahahahha.

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