Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana

Just the other day I met up with Shin to have a little catch up session.

We haven’t seen each other since high school ended! We watched The Hunger Games (second time for me) and followed it up with some Italian food. Restaurant of choice: Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana; located in the CBD, just off Collins/Swanston.

We sat on the very last table by the back, in front of the bar (didn’t get to take a photo of this as I had my back to it). It’s a tiny place, I don’t think it would be able to hold more than 17 or 18 people!

Here’s how the menu looks like. Click to enlarge 🙂

Shin Ern decided on having some gnocchi, mushroom gnocchi to be exact. I, however, am always keen on sinking my teeth into something meaty whenever I’m dining out. I love having a good, hearty meal!

Cutest salt and pepper shakers I’ve come across to date! Do I have a thing with taking photos of salt and pepper shakers (see here)?

Perhaps. Either way, I’ve decided to make a thing of it from this moment on.

Mushroom Gnocchi ($13.50)

Gnocchi was okay. I really liked the mushrooms, but the pasta was a bit… mehh….  A lot of the time I thought, “wow it looks like cous cous magnified x100”. The sauce is nice but it wasn’t great or anything. Being not much of a fan of cheese, this greatly affects my opinion of the dish.

At home my Uncle buys gnocchi all the time from some pasta house and THOSE are good. Much more large than the gnocchi  served in the (very cute) square bowl.

Ossobuco ($17.50)

The piece of meat was soo thick! At least an inch and a half high! What I didn’t expect was how tender it would be. I knew it was braised but not this braised. I was prepared with my knife and fork in hand to saw away to give some to Shin. As my knife came in contact, the meat literally fell off the bone. Very pleased. The sauce was a little watery… but I suppose it goes well overall when eaten with the saffron risotto. Keeping in mind that I’m not a very cheesy person myself, I quite liked this. It wasn’t overwhelmingly cheesy but still had its flavour. It wasn’t bland, and I would definitely have this again.

Service was just okay… It was good up until the point we were by the register paying. The waitress didn’t say thanks… or anything for that matter. Just took the money, handed us our change and off we went.

Here’s the location:

10 Manchester Ln 
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Until next time!

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