Via Verona

I know I have no readers but I’m going to say ‘Hi everyone!’ anyway wtf

Hi everyone! *insert foreveralone.jpg here*



Two weeks ago I went out for lunch at Via Verona @ Kew and to watch a movie. I think we saw 21 Jump Street that day and IT WAS THE FUNNIEST SHIT EVER. Best part was when they were in the toilet cubicle together and the janitor was like DAFUQ hahahha, I never laughed so much in the cinemas before!

Oh wait no sorry I apologise for my pathetic memory ;'( we went to watch The Lucky One! It was OKAY… I wouldn’t have watched it if it weren’t for Zac Efron. Still a cute film though. Anyway, onto the photos.

I had an Organic Beef Burger ($17.50) and an Ice coffee ($5) while GK had some toasted focaccia ($10.90) and a Berry Smoothie ($6.50) . I LOVED how meaty the beef was. The flavour was like BAM-in-your-face. I don’t really know how to describe its tastiness apart from “meatiness x1000”. Berry smoothie was mehhh.. nice but nothing special. Very seedy. But what else can you expect from a berry smoothie? I recommend the Fruit Salad smoothie. Now that’s yum! Will go back for more.

Accidentally overwritten the original full body shot with my pixlr-edited one :'(. But that’s okay, I got to enjoy a nice sky at the end of the day!

As usual, I’m meant to be doing something assignment related for uni but as you know I am forever procrastinating, hence a new post from yours truly.

3 thoughts on “Via Verona

  1. I have no readers either, it makes it more fun. I have had coffee from Via Verona and its always been good, but it sounds like I better try the food. Probably best to do it while I am meant to be studying 😛 xx

    • Thanks for the comment! Sometimes I do wish I had a few readers though, just so I know someone’s listening – well, more like reading – me! I would find it distracting if I were to study there. Everyone’s socialising and having conversations its rather loud!

      • Oh I would not study there, I would go on a study break there! I am amazing at procrastination. The coffee shop near my uni sees more of me than my lecture theatres. Haha. You could check out my blog, but it does not have any pretty pictures of food.

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