Appreciating my culture

Had some yumcha today morning/afternoon for brunch @ Tai Pan in Doncaster with my aunties and cousin.

My FAVOURITE place to eat, EVER.  Keep notice of (what was) the nice, clean table cloth slowly becoming stained lol.

My #1 MUST to have at any yumcha session. Siew mais are my all time LOVE!!

Cutest dish I saw prepared lol. Outside is some sort of starchy-jelly thing coated in coconut, and the white bit I believe is either mochi or tapioca (or both?!). The yellow filling is actually green bean paste but just yellow. Quite yums!














Ok I know it looks unseemly and not up to my “HOLY FUCK” status, but… HOLY FUCK!!!!!!! I now know the true meaning of ‘Do not judge a book by its cover”!!!! It was so smooth and creamy and dense BUT SO SMOOTH and SO CREAMY and perfectly sweet (not too sweet) and the pineapple bits go SO MOTHERFUCKING WELL with it I was practically drowning the other yumcha goers around us in my pool of saliva LOL.

I was supposed to share it with my cousin but THANK GOD SHE WAS TOO FULL! I’m so thankful to have a whole slice of mango cheesecake to myself! Actually initially I cut the slice in half so each of us would get equal amounts but then she was like, ‘I can’t eat any more! No, don’t take away! I already have my desserts (some red bean ball thing)!’ so I was all, you know…


I have established that I have the biggest appetite among all my friends AND family. I was really upset when they were already getting full, and I was sitting there thinking, “WHAT? This can’t be it! I’m not even getting full yet!!!!!!” T___T

I could have had literally twice as much as I did.

I told them that the mango cheesecake alone could be the reason why I would return (real) soon! I’m salivating just typing about this.

Oh apparently it’s low-fat too LOLOLOL. One of the managers (I assume) was walking around handing it out to tables and he introduced it like this: “Mango cheesecake? Very nice. Low fat!” And I was going WTF REALLY? I’LL HAVE ONE. not that I care about whether it’s low fat or not – I have Maccas at least 3x a week – but it looked so damn gorgeous I couldn’t say no. And I’m a sucker for mangoes. The cheesecake is made by a staff member who was previously employed by some hotel and was their patisserie chef!!!! CONFIRM NICE, I TELL YOU ALL!!!!!!!

Only one photo of myself today! I wasn’t wearing any foundation so my skin was obviously not at it’s best (pimples, redness, scars, the list goes on…). But oh well, just apply a filter to the picture and voila! Skin improvement x50.

Hope all of you are having a great day/week!

4 thoughts on “Appreciating my culture

    • Hey thanks for the comment. Sorry if I offended you… I meant no disrespect. I just find that the F word emphasises my wow-ing at the awesomeness that is food lol, so it’s being used in a positive sense – no disrespect here! It’s just the way I talk 🙂 thanks for dropping by.

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