Turning 19


Today feels no different to any other. I spent it like I usually would have any other day – derping on the couch watching TV (30 Rock OH YEAH!) with le cousin. I originally wanted to go to the Secret Recipe branch that just opened in Victoria Gardens, but weather was a let down. It has been pissing rain the whole day. Started around 12.30pm and it’s still going!

iPod hijacked… That is my give-it-back-face. Lol

Despite not doing anything ‘special’ or out of the ordinary, it was a nice day! Received a couple of birthday texts and many of them made me smile. Including this one from my dad who… sigh I don’t even know… just have a read T_T

Started getting on the topic of travelling since my end of year holidays is going to be spent in Malaysia for majority of the time while the rest will be spent in Guangzhou!!! It will be my first time setting foot in China! It’s exciting, but I can’t help but grimace at the loudness and pollution that awaits… AND THE WEIGHT I’LL PUT ON. Oh I’m getting off topic, but basically I started talking about food (that seems to be all I ever talk about).

Was your day as uneventful as mine? 🙂

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