The Moat

Hi everyone!

Haven’t updated my blog in eons (because of several reasons… maybe I’ll make a post on them soon)!

Last night I went to watch Kath & Kimderella with Shin Ern, and we had dinner at The Moat.

Hot Chocolate $4.50

Potted prawns with butter, shaved fennel, lemon zest and spices $15

Moondarra Wagyu bresaola, goat cheese custard, beetroot cured watermelon and olive dust $21

Braised lamb, roasted garlic labna, quinoa salad & flat bread $30

Hahaha this is how Shin folded hers! I couldn’t stop laughing! Got me laughing even harder when as I took this picture, the juice from the lamb went dripping out on one side (can you spot it?)!

Valrhona chocolate and Earl Grey tea tart with lemon curd shot $14

This. Was. Heavenly. The food of Gods! Quote Shin: “I could die and go to heaven happy now”
The chocolate tart was sooooo smooth. So creamy… so DENSE. The consistency went great with the lemon curd, also *very* smooth and creamy. Salivating just thinking about this dessert now… If you’re thinking of going to The Moat, I highly recommend this! Best dessert I’ve ever had. Infinitely better than the Mango Cheesecake I had at Tai Pan (and that was already SUPER yums)!

The waiter was so friendly he offered to take a photo of us! 

And another one! Quote waiter: “I’m going to try take an artsy photo of you two!”



One thing that really stood out at The Moat was their service. It was e x c e l l e n t. The waiters and waitresses that popped down our food at the table presented the dish by saying what it was and how you eat it (this was done for the braised lamb)! They were SO friendly and relaxed.

I dropped the lid for my camera towards the end, and as I got up to look for it, the waitress was asking if I was missing anything and if I needed help. She began looking along with me but to no avail, the search was a fail! Even the patrons of The Moat were so helpful! The man by the table behind us who just arrived was looking for it on the ground too. I was so surprised!! On leaving, they asked me to leave my name and number with them, and when they do find it they’ll give me a ring – which they later did and I went back to thank them, and collect the lid of course!

Very professional staff. Their training must have been so thorough O.O

Oh and I HAVE to rave about the braised lamb! It was DIVINE! It was superbly tender. I prodded it with my fork and it felt like….. softer than marshmallows haha. It was also our first time trying quinoa salad. Lesson of the night, taught by the waitress: it’s pronounced kwin-wa! She first thought it was pronounced kwin-oh-ah, like we first did, but after joining The Moat she stood corrected. The salad was very nice! But because I have never had any before I didn’t know what to expect, and I also have nothing to compare it to. The garlic labna just went so perfectly with EVERYTHING! I just… I just can’t. How do they do it? Somebody tell me!

The potted prawns were very tasty. Very interesting – as was the cured watermelon and wagyu! Everything was soo delicious! EVERYTHING!

They’re currently hiring at the moment… maybe I should apply (then I get to maybe learn all of their secrets :P).

Total came to around $98 for 4 dishes and 1 drink. Expensive, yes. But I would definitely return (occasionally, of course) because their food was amazing, as was their service and interior designing + decor :). A very cosy atmosphere and its a place where you lose sense of time haha.

Here are their details, taken from their website:

We’re open and keen to welcome you from 9am ’til late from Monday to Friday, and 12pm ’til late on Saturdays.





PHONE: 03 9094 7820


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